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Fragments, 2021 at Moskowitz Bayse  Los Angeles, CA


A Universe is a giant bottle gourd made of earth (cob and kaolin clay over a steel frame). You can enter at either of the two ends; inside, there are large feet, hands, and heads lining the walls, resembling a body turned outside in. When it rains, water streams into channels carved on its outside walls and down to the 16 windows (8 on each side), where there are cups that fill up, tip, spill, hit notes, and make music. Beam Camp, Strafford, N.HFor complete documentation of the process, research, and prototyping: Summer 2021.


CONSTELLATION is a suite of interactive sound sculptures designed by Ye Qin Zhu and built by NYC youth at Beam Camp City. Inspired by the concept of asteroseismology—which shows that stars sound like ringing bells—the piece’s six sculptures are placed at scenic locations around Governors Island, creating a constellation of ringing bells.


Each of the 6 STARS that make up CONSTELLATION has a base (which takes the shape of giant human sense organs); stem (that is as tall as a small tree); and web (of lines that bloom from each stem). Suspended on the webs are painted slip-casted bells that wind, and visitors, ring! Governor's Island, New York. Summer 2021.

The CONSTELLATION pieces are moving to the Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx March, 2022. There will be solar light components added to them.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 1.50.27 PM.png

Diary Disks are community art installations across New Haven. The Disks are boundless in shape and resemble time portals, acting as pandemic archives of collective memory, stamped with the location and date like a diary entry. In partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs (City of New Haven) and International Festival of Arts & Ideas, Diary Disks will be co-created with  community partners throughout 11 different neighborhoods. Residents write and draw their responses to a unique prompt on the Disk. The goal is to make visible our collective struggles, losses and triumphs, gauge how the city is feeling, and acknowledge that the pandemic is ongoing.

Project website:

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