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I am an artist working in painting, public art, and social practice

Alchemy of Mood and Matter, Harkawik Gallery, NYC, Oct 15th – Nov 19th, 2022

"I look to spaces of worship to learn how knowledge and worldviews can be transmitted through visual experiences, physical objects, and spaces... I integrate these lessons to share ideas on the porous nature of mind, matter, body, and spirit. In this way, my art examines how beliefs can travel and materialize between objects and people."

Artist Catalogue, Ye Qin Zhu, 2022

Produced by THAT Co.

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Underbelly Bloom.jpg

Underbelly Bloom

2021 | 144" x 95" | Mixed media on panel and spruce lumber

In Weissman Family Collection

Governor's Island

NYC, 2021

"The central activity, however, will be to complete CONSTELLATION, a public-art project and sound installation by the interdisciplinary artist Ye Qin Zhu"

Laurel Graeber


Combinations, Sugar Hill Children's Museum, NYC, 2022

Featuring a selection of works by:
Elia Alba, 
Nicole Awai, Alteronce Gumby, Forrest Kirk, Tyrone Mitchell, 

Sable Elyse Smith, Chris Watts, Ye Qin Zhu


Co-curated by Damien Davis and Alaina Simone.

Mediated Meditation

2021, 16:9 billboard at Kingsgate Project Space, London, UK


Mediated Mediation

2021 | 62" x 45" | Mixed media on panel
In the collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody,
The Bunker Art Space

A Universe, 2021, Strafford, NH

"For CONSTELLATION and A Universe, these installations bring to life blueprints from my own healing processes"

—interview with Ricky Lee

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