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What I Hope to Bring to This Role   



    • Healing is my life's work as an artist

    • DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access) is part of this work as a form of social healing​​

      • Design Brigade (summer 2020)

        • Designed a memorial for New Haven communities affected by COVID-19 through the lens of social justice

        • Remote teamwork; Interviewed 50+ and feedback from 150+ residents; Designs informed by research and outreach

      • Art Palestine International (2008-2012 and 2016-2017)

        • Managed operations for the not-for-profit organization dedicated to exhibiting contemporary Palestinian art​

        • Conducted exhibitions in notable venues, e.g.: Postmasters, NYC, the Jerusalem Fund Gallery and Palestinian Center, DC


  • HUB

    • Creating a cultural hub for the diverse communities of New Haven to come together

    • Bridging Tsai CITY and the Schwarzman Center, undergrad and grad students, Yale and greater New Haven communities

      • Redwood Art Studio​ (2014-2016)

        • Co-founded art school to address the lack of arts education ​in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

        • Reached 150+ youth. Brought together public school students, parents, local businesses, and arts communities

      • Teaching Garden (2017-2018) 

        • Transformed Brooklyn’s I.S.240 garden into an outdoors classroom and gathering space. 200+ stakeholders involved

        • Designed with students of all grade levels, faculty, and staff and combined curriculums of math, science, and English







    • Fostering ongoing collaborations across disciplines and communities

    • Creating a structure so that collaboration and innovation happens naturally

      • I=N=T=E=R=F=A=C=E (2019)

        • Collaborated with Music and Drama graduates, performers, and technicians to create an immersive multimedia performance

        • Sold out every late-night Yale Cab showing, positive review on the New Haven Review

      • A Universe (Summer 2020 and 2021)​​

        • Designed and directed the construction of a 30' x 17' x 11' cob and lime plaster giant bottle-gourd shaped instrument

        • Planned the summer programming of Beam Camp 2021 for 100+ campers, instructors, and staff



Design Brigade–On Memory Guidebook                                                A Universe                                                           Redwood Art Studio

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