Inspired by virtual reality, anonymity, and the desire to connect, I=N=T=E=R=F=A=C=E is a multimedia performance staged in a dinner cabaret as a gathering space for ritual and spectacle. As an immersive experience, moments of intimacy is our gamble.



I=N=T=E=R=F=A=C=E   ||   2 min 45 sec cut of the 45 min performance.

Created by:

      Dakota Stipp - Production Designer, Performer

     Ye Qin Zhu - Content Designer, Performer

  Ross Wightman - Instrument Designer, Performer

   Kyla Arsadjaja - Movement Designer, Performer

Cam Camden - Producer, Technical Director


PERFORMANCES December 4–7 2019

Yale Cabaret, 217 Park Street, New Haven, CT


Graphic by Herdimas Anggara

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