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A second encounter with an oversized steel stud. This one is cemented onto a vacant lot in Bay Parkway, Brooklyn. It has the same dimensions as the first stud (20" x 20" x 7" x 1/3) except that on the surface of each side, there is a metal letter: U, U, F, and S. The letters are from the signage of various buildings. After investigating the sizes and fonts of each letter, I managed to locate where the letters were appropriated from. While biking, I kept a lookout for the letters and for building signages with missing letters. Most were from the lower part of manhattan [55 Broadway, 45 Broadway (financial district), 6 Washington Place, and (North of Houston)].


One Exchange Plaza, 55 Broadway, New York

45 Broadway Atrium, 45 Broadway, New York

Psycology Building NYU, 6 Washington Place, New York

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