Triptych, 2019: Reason Trail (left)  |  Sight, Taste, Appetite (middle)  |  Searching the Loop (right)

Ye Qin Zhu  ©  2020 

Cocoon Alchemy

Ye Qin Zhu | 2019 | 50" x 47" x 12" Materials: paper, beeswax, wood, all the lenses from a projector, cocoons, moth shedding, PLA filament, ear plugs, glass, botanicals, acrylic paint, door knob, chestnuts, seeds, hot glue, caulk, rocks, watercolor, ink, pigment, tile, electronic parts, plywood, pewter, clay, bone, dried echeveria, ceramics, silicone, 3d printed objects, Colgate toothpaste box, soda can, bottle of Advil, petrified wood, TV remote, milled pneumatic engine, tile, batteries.