Triptych, 2019: Reason Trail (left)  |  Sight, Taste, Appetite (middle)  |  Searching the Loop (right)

Ye Qin Zhu  ©  2020 

Hell Guide/Heaven Guard

Ye Qin Zhu | 2019 | 61" x 52" Materials: paper, beeswax, mushrooms, wires, computer mouse, curling iron, glass, botanicals, acrylic paint, lenticular images, hot glue, caulk, sponge, rocks, watercolor, ink, pigment, tile, electronic parts, plywood, piece of a car tire, pewter, exact-o blades, clay, bone, twigs, pom pom, flattened exhaust pipe, tacts, ceramics, scale model humans, pen quills, packaging peanuts, thermostat, silicone.