Triptych, 2019: Reason Traill (left)  |  Sight, Taste, Appetite (middle)  |  Searching the Loop (right)

Ye Qin Zhu  ©  2020 

Where Constellations Meet

Ye Qin Zhu | 2018 | 54 1/2" x 26" (left figure), 41" x 26" (right figure) Materials: paper, 3D hologram stickers, trivet, magnolia flowers and branches, botanicals, rocks, clay, pewter trinkets, drone remote controller, gem stones, water color, pigment, glue, ceramic shards, caulk, hot glue, glitter hot glue, glitter glue, model farm animals, glass, electronic parts, reflective fine beads, acrylic paint, ply wood.