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Sun Dot
Heart of Hearts
Sponge Bob
Change Hands
Mood and Matter
Split of the Moon
Radical Hope
Groundless Growth
Turtle Tree Seed
Biota Nada
Solar Powered Sculpture on Mountain
Orchid Goo
The Way of an Art Animal
From Vortex to Shore
They Watched as it Came

Cosmicomics (The Light Years - Blood, Sea - All at One Point - Without colors - The Spiral)- An arrangement of wax sculptures in the front window of frosch&portman, NY. Part of a group show curated by Vicki Sher, called Cosmicomics, 2015. Press: Hyperallergic, BKmag.


Chimeras - Works by Ye Qin Zhu and Cheryl Bentley. *2018* at Central Park Gallery, Los Angeles, C.A.

INCANTATIONS. 2017. A book of incantations, photographs, and vector drawings on fiber paper

The Cosmos of Seeds - Paintings, Sculptures, and a Chapbook "Sculptures of Arhat" by Ye Qin Zhu. ~2017~ At The Hand Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y.

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