In the Bowels of the Bardo

The Bardo is the intermediate states between death and rebirth in Buddhism. It can also be interpreted as a metaphor for the transience of life, since we are always changing states. 

Triptych, 2019: Reason Traill (left)  |  Sight, Taste, Appetite (middle)  |  Searching the Loop (right)

Some new paintings with projection TV screens and TV mounts (not part of "In the Bowels of the Bardo" series). These are difficult to document because the screens warp the depth and luminosity of the paintings behind it and are meant to be experienced by walking around the pieces.

Ye Qin Zhu  ©  2020 

Confusing Power for Strength and Coldness for Resilience Ye Qin Zhu | 2019 | 44" x 30" x (depth variable) Materials: paper, bees wax, construction barricades, rocks, PLA filament, caulk, pigment, acrylic paint, self-hardening clay, rubber bands, pinecone, light bulbs, hot glue, linen, plywood, adhesive vinyl, screen material, TV mount.