Lafayette College Experimental Printmaking Residency Application Images

Ye Qin Zhu—19 images, 1 video (mouseover image for info and click for details)

Triptych, 2019: Reason Traill (left)  |  Sight, Taste, Appetite (middle)  |  Searching the Loop (right)

Each mixed media on panel piece is 96" x 48"

8 Arhats, 2020

Each mixed media on panel piece is 72" x 48"

8 Arhats was shown in my thesis exhibition. These sculptural-painting reliefs speak to secular, religious, art and architectural spaces. Unlike the paths of Bodhisattvas and Buddhas who attain a kind of perfection in Buddhism, Arhats too are on the spiritual path, have reached certain levels of attainment, but are considered to be flawed and can regress. Historically in parts of South East Asia, some folk heroes have ascended to Arhatship as a way to get lay people interested in Buddhism. I’m fascinated in the transmission of Buddhism and spirituality within Asia and around the world, how its iconographies moved through commerce, as well as its co-option through colonization. ‍I wanted to make Arhats that were materially ‘base,’ to be sites for the convergence of historic and contemporary iconographies, and I tried to make the expressions on some of their faces human.

A Universe, July 2020

For complete documentation of the process, research, and prototyping:

A Universe is a giant bottle gourd made of earth (cob and lime plaster over steel frame). You can enter at either of the two ends; inside, there are large feet, hands, and heads lining the walls, resembling a body turned outside in. When it rains, water streams into channels carved on its outside walls and down to the 16 windows (8 on each side), where there are cups that fill up, tip, spill, hit notes, and make music. A Universe will be made by campers, staff, technicians, and builders at Beam Camp, Strafford, N.H. ~ forthcoming July 2020. For complete documentation of the process, research, and prototyping: