Project Management Experiences 



       (2008-2012 and 2016-2017)



Campers, urban youth, educators, staff

Yale and New Haven communities, City officials, undergrad and grad students​​

Public school students, teachers, staff

CCAM fellow, Blended Reality, Yale Cab, YSD

Palestinian artists, arts viewers, galleries, collaborative orgs, writers, critics

Sunset Park residents and public school students, parents, local businesses



Project designer and director

Intern and core member of the

On Memory group

Project designer and manager

Content designer, artistic director, 


Project manager

Co-founder, administrator, lead instructor


Tsai CITY Innovation Fellow Role



  • DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access)

    • Track record of involvement in DEIA Programs

      • Design Brigade (summer 2020)

        • Designed a memorial for those ​affected by COVID-19 through the lens of social justice

      • Beam Center Instructor (2017-2018)​

        • Taught with a mission to foster educational equity and youth empowerment in NYC and beyond​​

      • Art Palestine International (2008-2012 and 2016-2017)

        • Managed a not-for-profit organization dedicated to exhibiting contemporary Palestinian art​

      • Redwood Art Studio​ (2014-2016)

        • Co-founded art school to address the lack of arts education ​in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

  • Skills

    • Prototyping (digital and physical)

    • Design​​

      • Photoshop, Indesign, SketchUp, ​Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Google programs

        • Recent slides and presentations I have worked on: Design Brigade Slide presentation and Guidebook​​​


What I Will Bring to this Role



  • Bridging Tsai Center and the Schwarzman Center

    • Creating a hub to bridge undergraduate and graduate students, Yale and Greater New Haven communities

      • Programming performances, arts events, and interdisciplinary collaborations


  • Vision of healing

    • Healing is my life's work as an artist

    • DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access) is part of this work as a form of social healing


  • Holistic approach

    • Outreach, research, and feedback informed project design, implementation, and management​

  • Remote work (Project Management)

    • Experience working online in a team of 6 across architecture, design, and urban studies in the Design Brigade

    • Versed in project management software and protocols

    • Familiar with Yale Project Management Workbook

    • Skilled in drawing diagrams and roadmaps to create paths, projects, and opportunities

  • Advising students

    • Experienced as an educator, entrepreneur, and career artist. CV

    • I am a resource for developing projects (from brainstorming to prototyping and delivering test products)

  • Building stronger communities

    • Track record of ​involvement in Yale, Greater New Haven, and City initiatives

      • CCAM Studio Fellow; Blended Reality member; Design Brigade; One Village Healing; Yale Cabaret​, etc.

  • Strengthen Tsai CITY and the Schwarzman Center's mission

    • Create a cultural hub for people to connect and form communities